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Creating Bespoke Environmentally Friendly Furniture Just Outside Shrewsbury

Creating Bespoke Environmentally Friendly Furniture Just Outside Shrewsbury

Creating Bespoke Environmentally Friendly Furniture Just Outside ShrewsburyCreating Bespoke Environmentally Friendly Furniture Just Outside Shrewsbury

Terms and Conditions of Sale of Furniture

Important information to read before you buy

The furniture for sale by Condover Furniture Ltd. is existing furniture that has been sanded, primed, painted and in some cases waxed and/or embellished, and it is by no means perfect.  There may bumps, dents, irregularities in the paint finish, brush marks, and other blemishes that make the furniture individual, beautiful and full of character.  This is not sprayed furniture and certainly not perfect.  It is also sometimes quite delicate and should be treated gently.

Before paying for and taking your newly purchased furniture away with you, or arranging delivery of the same, please be aware that it is sold 'as is' and your purchase cannot be refunded if you change your mind or if it doesn't fit in your vehicle or in the destination.  Please therefore measure the vehicle in which you are carrying as well as the space for which it is intended.   And please make sure you are 100% happy with the furniture you are buying itself before you make payment.

It is recommended that you double check the size of the piece of furniture that you are purchasing and make sure that it will fit through all the door frames, gaps and stairs at its destination.

Please note we are not responsible for any knocks, chips or scratches to the furniture after purchase and so before making payment, please ensure you are happy with any marks, brush strokes and irregularities on the furniture you are buying and celebrate the fact that your purchase has helped save a tree and also the ozone.

Any paint ordered specifically for you (Pick Your Palette) will not be refunded if you do not proceed with your order.

If you do arrange to have the furniture shipped by the carrier of your choice, please note that the contract for shipment is between you and the shipping company, as well as any claims for damages incurred while using this service.  Condover Furniture can provide bubble wrapping for a small additional fee.

Thank you for taking the time to read this section  of terms and conditions of sale and also thank you for your business.  We just want to avoid any awkward situations and I'm sure you do, too.  Condover Furniture store.