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Condover Furniture - Bespoke, Environmentally Friendly, Waxed, Hand Painted

The Reason Behind Condover Furniture - Environmentally Friendly

Non-consumption: the avoidance of consuming resources

Have you ever stopped to think about the cost of manufacturing brand new furniture

Not just the monetary cost but also the cost to the environment? 

There's so much furniture in existence; why manufacture more?

By prolonging the use of an existing piece of furniture through repair and enhancement, Condover Furniture is helping eliminate the need to consume new resources, and non-consumption helps our planet.  Visit our furniture store in the heart of Shropshire to see our environmentally friendly furniture in person!

Convenient yet one piece of Furniture at a time

We all like nice things in our homes but nice doesn't have to mean perfect or brand new. Sometimes something with a little history is just as good or even better. 

We have a furniture store/showroom in the village of Condover, England. 

Currently open by appointment, and an online shop with the furniture we have available. Keep popping back to look as the availability changes each week.

We're trying to make a difference for the environment, one piece of furniture at a time - and by buying our convenient, environmentally friendly furniture, you can make a difference, too!

Pick your Pallette

Have a particular colour in mind?  We can work with you on that; as well as offering pre-painted and waxed pieces of furniture, Condover Furniture offers a bespoke colour service in colours you choose to complement your home.  We only use Little Greene paint so pick your colour and give us a call!