Bespoke Painted Upcycled Furniture
Environmentally Friendly


Bespoke Painted Upcycled Furniture
Environmentally Friendly

Condover Furniture 07708 727127

stool glass condover sustainable condoverfurniture bespoke unique upcycled environmentallyfriendly
stool glass condover sustainable condoverfurniture bespoke unique upcycled environmentallyfriendly

Condover Furniture 07708 727127

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Truly Bespoke

Designed just for you

Glass accented upcycled furniture

For something truly individual, call us to design a piece of furniture just for you incorporating beautiful crystal glass pieces that we can impress into the wood.  You choose the colors of glass and paint you’d like and the piece of furniture and we will create something unique for you. Call for an initial consultation.

Glass studio

Firing glass knobs and making glass pebbles

Working with Ingrid Pears, M.B.E., Vanessa fires glass in the studio which is made to incorporate into her furniture.

Award winning

Totally unique glass accented upcycled furniture

Winner of Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award in March 2019, Condover Furniture is changing the way people think about upcycled furniture.  With only top quality products being used in it’s renovation and now the bespoke service offering the addition of unique crystal glass pieces, prolonging the life of furniture to help the environment has never been so good!  This is furniture for all our futures!

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Just the knobs

Individually hand made artisanal Murano glass knobs made in Murano, Italy, for Condover furniture.  Truly unique!

Unique Hand Crafted Murano Glass Knobs

Update your own furniture with these beautiful hand made artisanal Murano Glass draw and cupboard knobs, made to order and imported directly from Italy. These unique artisan crystal knobs are 100% handmade without the use of any machinery, respecting  ancient glassblowing traditions and our environment.  Treat yourself!

About Us

Baby changing table by Condover Furniture

Condover Furniture - Environmentally Friendly Furniture At Its Best!

The environment.  We're all trying to do our best to preserve it for our futures, and there are many different ways we can contribute.  Furniture is one of them.  There's plenty of existing furniture in the world, why make more?  Why not make use of the existing furniture and upgrade it for today?

Factory furniture has its place.  This is not factory furniture. This is furniture that has stood the test of time and been lovingly sanded, primed, painted, waxed and embellished with new handles and knobs to make it special for you, all while helping the environment.

And, of course, there's the feel good factor of buying something that helps our planet.  

Make the decision to buy environmentally friendly furniture, with all it's curves, anomalies and character! Individual is good!

Condover Furniture uses only environmentally friendly Little Greene primers and paints to upcycle their unique furniture.

Only Environmentally Friendly Paint

You're buying environmentally friendly furniture so it makes sense to prime and paint it using only the best paint for the environment. Condover Furniture uses only top quality Little Greene paints, the environmentally friendly choice of paint.  The paint we use is water-based, certified child safe, fully washable and extremely tough. Little Greene uses only the finest natural, organic and safe synthetic pigments, giving superb depth of colour. 

Individually hand made Murano glass knobs, made for Condover Furniture in Murano, Italy

Environmentally Friendly Detail

You're doing the best you can for the environment by looking to buy environmentally friendly furniture, so go ahead and spoil yourself with our products.  The doors and drawers of our furniture  are all embellished with one of three options; beautiful glass knobs individually hand made in Nottinghamshire, U.K. or Murano, Italy, and regular knobs.   The unique artisan crystal knobs from both England and Italy are 100% hand made exclusively for Condover Furniture and without the involvement of any machinery, respecting the ancient glassblowing traditions.  And if you'd like to buy the English or Italian crystal glass knobs from Condover Furniture to enhance your own furniture or doors in your home, office or hotel, you can do that, too!


As an option, the furniture's surfaces can also be enhanced with unique individually hand made glass pebbles, so creating a totally bespoke piece of furniture unique to you!  Call us to discuss this option!

Our Inspiration

International move and resultant packaging waste


After moving back from the US to the UK in 2017, the amount of waste generated just on moving day was disheartening to me, not to mention the furniture that then wouldn't either physically fit into our home or wouldn't look good style-wise. The expense of an international move and not having a job prevented me from buying new replacement furniture and so the challenge was on to turn our existing furniture into something funky and desirable again.

I've always been very creative having come from an artistic family and love coming up with new ideas and ways to make dated old furniture attractive.  I love unconventional as well as fun, bold colours and anything eclectic, so at the present time am embellishing a lot of old fashioned pine furniture with brightly coloured genuine Murano crystal glass knobs hand made in Murano, Venice, Italy, which I import, as well as themed knobs I have found online.  I hope to move on to a line of brightly coloured furniture next.  Envi friendly and non-consumption is where it’s at at the moment so I’m only using environmentally friendly products and aiming for non-consumption of unnecessary resources.

We all need to look after our world


Convenience is king for most of us these days, with such busy daily schedules and weekend time becoming more and more precious. Many of us choose to re-purchase rather than mend and often that purchase will be a  quick, cheap solution to a problem rather than several visits to different stores before we choose.

I want to make that 'quick purchase' something good that helps the environment.  Condover Furniture.

Condover House, Condover, Shrewsbury

So out of a problem, Condover Furniture was born!

Now you know my story, take a look at all that Condover Furniture has to offer.

You may not have the time to make good an old piece of furniture yourself, or you may be at the stage where you just need some fun furniture to furnish your rented flat or house. Whatever your reason, I'd like Condover Furniture to be on your favourite list of places to shop.

I'm of the belief that furniture should be a feast for the eyes and not something that is utilitarian sitting in the room.

Truly Bespoke

Vanessa Dee and Ingrid Pears, M.B.E.

In Partnership with Ingrid Pears, M.B.E., Glass Designer Maker

Condover Furniture has established a partnership with Ingrid Pears, M.B.E., award winning Glass Designer Maker, creating unique hand made knobs to accent its environmentally friendly brush painted furniture.  We also work with the glass and incorporate it in our designs when prolonging the life of our furniture and create truly unique and bespoke pieces!  Call for details and to discuss how we can design and create something just for you! 

Condover Furniture - More reasons to buy

Condover Furniture only uses top quality environmentally friendly Little Greene primers and paints when upcycling their furniture

Prolonged life furniture, ready painted - help our planet!

Rather than buying a newly made piece of furniture, the manufacture of which has probably used a ton of resources, feel good and consider the beauty and character of an existing piece. We use only premium brands just like you would choose if you had the time to restore and paint yourself, and when we can, we add cool embellishments to make the furniture more fun!

Prolonged life furniture, painted your colour - still helping our planet!

Sometimes we spot a piece of furniture that's the right colour and that we know will look great in our home and sometimes we need to choose a specific shade.  We get that! Condover Furniture uses only premium products and Little Greene paints so give us a call to discuss how we can help.

Condover Furniture - customer reviews

Stories from existing Condover Furniture customers to make you feel good about buying from us will soon populate this section!

Condover Furniture - a small company trying to make it BIG

Now you know our story and that we're just a little bespoke company trying to make a difference in this big world, one piece of furniture at a time.  We take our time, sanding, priming and brush painting furniture using only premium quality products like you personally would if you had the time to paint yourself.  We add cool embellishments when we can to make it fun and special and even more unique.  If we're successful and you like the hand painted furniture we produce, then we'll start employing good people to grow the company and give back to the community. Your purchase can make a difference in helping the planet and so much more.  Give us a call to discuss what you'd like, and tell all your friends to visit Condover Furniture's website, watch our video and to help the planet, too!

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